Why all businesses should blog

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Blogging is the new black when it comes to content marketing, but why is it important for small business and how can you get started?

What happens when you hire a content writer?

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Never outsourced work to a content writer before? It’s not as complicated or daunting as you might think. Here we explain what happens when you hire a freelance writer, and what the process looks like.

Redesigning your website? Here’s why you need to review your content.

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As online technology advances at a rapid pace, and new platforms and designs attract the eye like a shiny new toy, it’s increasingly important for businesses to regularly update their website.

Some companies refresh their sites because they rebrand, their website tech is too slow to load or it isn’t mobile friendly (a really big no-no considering most people browse websites on their phone and have zero tolerance for clunky sites which cut off words and images).
But while re-thinking your colour palette or graphics package is great — and interesting — stuff, your content is just as important. Here’s why you should carefully review, edit or even refresh and re-write your content when redesigning your website.

How the pandemic has changed our language

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused a seismic shift in our everyday vernacular, with words such as ‘iso’, ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ making a grand entrance. Here’s why this is so important when it comes to your content moving forward.

Hiring a local content writer

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Our increasingly digital world means you can collaborate with people all over the globe. But, when it comes to freelance content writers, there are very good reasons to work with someone who understands your ‘hood.

Telum interview with Cathy about Ginger Brown

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Cathy Anderson, co-founder of Ginger Brown digital content journalist journalism content marketing blog writers

We’re not used to being on the other side of the interview table. But when the opportunity arose for Cathy to be interviewed by the great team at Telum Media for their regular ‘Telum Talks To’ spot, we thought: why not? You’ve recently gone into freelance journalism and opened content agency, Ginger Brown. How have you found the shift to … Read More

Ginger Brown – what’s in a name?

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Choosing a business name is either ridiculously easy, or the most long-winded brainstorming session OF YOUR LIFE. Here’s how we came up with the perfect name for our business.

Who is Ginger Brown?

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Who Is Ginger Brown?

Ginger Brown was always going to happen. The media landscape in Australia is shifting fast – and we got caught in the current. So we either had to sink or swim.