Journalism: We’re your specialists

At our core we’re journalists, and we love our craft. We’ve written news stories, celebrity interviews, travel and lifestyle features, film and music reviews and pulled together galleries for print and digital platforms. Among other outlets, we regularly work with LinkedIn, News Corp, 4WD Touring Australia magazine and various content and advertising agencies.


Proofing & editing: We make it make sense

We have many years of sub-editing experience between us from our time in the newsroom – give us a blog post, website content or even a tender document to edit and we guarantee no errant apostrophes will escape with their lives.



Web content: Created just for you

Every website needs to look fantastic and create a fantastic user experience — but it also needs to read well, offer the right information for your clients, customers or members and be interesting! Ginger Brown works closely with web designers to create content for new sites from scratch or to overhaul existing websites that need to be revamped and invigorated with fresh engaging SEO-charged content.

Blogs, articles and copywriting:  A tailored approach

We whip up short and long form articles as well as listicles and blog posts from interviews with relevant subjects, from briefs supplied by clients or perhaps existing information you may need repurposed. We’re experts in writing for a target market and we’ve got great ideas, so we will work with you to brainstorm the best content pieces. We also specialise in creating enewsletter content.

Social media: We can help you get social

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – which is best for your business? We can help you to find your own audience, establish or tailor your social media accounts and provide a content marketing strategy to ensure your posts, videos or blogs are seen by the people you want to reach.



Enewsletters: Direct mail content

Enewsletters are a powerful marketing tool to reach customers, clients or members in order to keep them updated about your business or organisation — but they have to be engaging, visually captivating and interesting. Ginger Brown can help.

Content Creation

Media releases: Go global in the press

With more than 40 years’ combined journalism experience, Cathy and Andrea have seen a press release or three — and they know what makes a good one (and which ones go in the bin). If you’re a small business with a new product to launch, or an organisation with a new service, we can help you to get media attention with a well crafted release.


Biographies: We’ll tell your story

Sometimes called a “bio”, a biography is an incredibly personal piece of content that needs to be both thoroughly researched and well written to capture and portray your story. It’s used to promote confidence in you or your business as a specialist in your field. Ginger Brown has written biographies for people as diverse as international music producers, actors, AFL football captains, a nutritionist and small business owners – and we can help you too!

Press kits

Entertainment content: Press kits and more

Are you an entertainment company, film or television studio, or record label and need a press kit with fantastic content to help promote your project? Ginger Brown’s team are experienced entertainment journalists who know how to deliver a press kit that is informative, easy to understand and, of course, enjoyable!


eBooks: Give your business an edge

An eBook is an incredibly powerful content tool in our increasingly digital age and is used by various companies, sole traders and organisations as an easy way to present long-form information to members, clients or potential customers. They can give your business the edge over competitors by positioning you as the go-to specialist in your field. Andrea and Cathy can work with you to create an instructive, informative, well-written and well-designed eBook.